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Learn about the main cause of all diseases and how to eliminate it!

Probiotica Corporation was founded to provide public with advanced biotechnologies based on 3 cornerstone principles of ideal health care system: prevention, noninvasive diagnostics and natural cure. Our company specializes in:

(i) noninvasive test devices for oxidative stress in the body and
(ii) super-antioxidant nutrition to help maintain full-body health and wellness.

How to diagnose oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress is caused by various factors, the main of which are bad nutrition (processed sugar, other processed food), dehydration (not enough water), and exposure to all kinds of external toxicity (most drugs, pollution). There is an enzyme found on the surface of all human cells, with particularly high concentrations in the liver, bile ducts, and kidneys, called GGT. The GGT is the major parameter indicating the level of oxidative stress in the body, and it is recently found to be the main risk factor for aggressive cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, hepatitis-C, Parkinson disease and other life threatening conditions. GGT can be routinely measured in the blood and other body fluids. One can request such test from a family doctor, once standard in our annual checkup then was removed under lobbying by big pharma companies.

How to remove Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative stress can be effectively removed with healthy nutrition (raw vegetables and fruits), vitamins and other anti-oxidants combined with plenty of pure natural spring water, pure air, 8 hours of night sleep, and stress-free life style. However, the above conditions are not affordable for common people. Therefore, after 17 years of research we developed LeukoMeal, a natural D-amino acid glucopeptide extract from Probiotic cultures, which has the highest antioxidant index among known antioxidants, as measured by USDA approved ORAC index, i.e. oxy-radical absorption capacity. LeukoMeal was found to reduce GGT activity so effectively, that it is used by advanced nutritionists to naturally manage variety of health conditions associated with oxidative stress.