This section contains peer-reviewed research on the subject of GGT as an indicator for all-cause mortality.  Click on the link to view full text articles.

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In Press

A. Slesarev,  R.Ellithorpe, T.Dimitrov, R.Shalwitz, A.Tsyb, S.Koziavkin, V.Slesarev. Probiotic hyperthermia for real time GGT reduction in cancer patients with liver metastasis.

Submitted to “Cancer Research” Journal, 2011. Y. Ishizuka, R.Shalwitz , S.Niida, R. Ellithorpe, T.Dimitrov,  A.Tsyb, and V.Slesarev. Probiotic antioxidants reduce GGT activity in patients with preneoplastic conditions and cancer: implication for treatment malignancy and inflammation.  in press, Medical Oncology, 20