LeukoMeal Oral Capsules

Super-antioxidant nutritional supplement used for dietary management of healthy immune system and blood parameters. Anti-oxidants are known for their capability to remove toxicity and oxidative stress from the body.

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Muraglycine: Super-antioxident Vaginal Gel

For relief of odor, abnormal discharge and discomfort. Clinical trials have shown that Muraglycine is safe and effective in restoring and maintaining the probiotic balance of the vagina. Safe to use during pregnancy and during menstruation.

Additional Information:

What causes the balance of bacteria to change? The vagina is normally quite acidic (pH 3.8 – 4.5). Certain things can cause the acidity to be reduced. This makes it hard for the healthy bacteria to survive, and encourages overgrowth of the unwanted bacteria.

The main causes of unwanted bacteria are:

  • prolonged menstruation
  • use of IntraUterine Devices
  • frequent douching
  • perfumed intimate products
  • unprotected sex
  • new or multiple sexual partners
  • menopause and/or hormone imbalances

This bacterial imbalance is not caused by poor hygiene; in fact excessive washing of the vagina may alter the normal balance of bacteria.

How does Muraglycine work? 

Muraglycine contains predigested yogurt culture, which  neutralizes odor by restoring the normal pH of the vagina. It also contains n-acetyl-glucosamine, which provides nutrients for lactic acid bacteria. With normal pH, low oxidation and nutrients, the protective lactic acid bacteria grow, and the natural vaginal balance is restored, effectively relieving abnormal discharge, odor and discomfort.

Muraglycine comes in hygienic single use tubes. To use the product, simply twist off the cap of the tube, insert the whole of the neck of the tube into the vagina, and squeeze out the contents. The tube can then be removed and disposed of.

Many women experience recurrent symptoms, for example around the time of their period, or as a result of antibiotic treatment. Muraglycine can also be used to maintain the natural health of the vagina and prevent recurrence. It maintains the natural low vaginal oxidation and prevents recurrence of symptoms.

Please note: at this time only powder formula in bulk orders is available for purchase. Please contact us if you want to be notified when vaginal gel becomes available.

The Coley Vaccine

The formula for the Coley vaccine was the innovation of William B. Coley, MD, a surgeon who worked at Memorial Hospital in New York City (now Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) from 1893 until 1936. Coley is credited with pioneering work in the field of immunotherapy based upon the work of earlier physicians in Germany. The physician’s interest in the subject developed when he lost his first cancer patient, a young girl with a sarcoma who died of metastatic cancer in spite of radical surgery. When Coley reviewed a hundred cases of sarcoma treated during the previous decade, he noted that patients who developed bacterial infections after surgery fared better than those who did not.

More information about Coley vaccine and its application for treatment of cancer can be found on the website of MD Anderson Cancer Center. Coley toxins or mixed bacterial vaccine (MBV) are defined by MD Anderson Cancer Center as bacterial endotoxins, which may consist of any bacterial component. (http://www.mdanderson.org/education-and-research/resources-for-professionals/clinical-tools-and-resources/cimer/therapies/nonplant-biologic-organic-pharmacologic-therapies/coley-toxins-scientific.html)

Even though Coley was very successful in treatment of various types of cancer with his vaccine, the most amazing successes have been achieved in treatment of viral infections.  Coley vaccine is approved for clinical use in China, Bahamas, Germany and other countries.  However, it is not approved by FDA in the USA and may be produced only in doctor’s offices for immediate use under supervision of the doctor.

Through many years of research performed at Probiotica Corporation (Houston, TX), we developed a new antiviral vaccine from “pro-life” bacteria, probiotics.  We also identified the most potent ingredients in this probiotic bacterial vaccine capable of immediate normalization of liver function, reduction of activity of all liver enzymes, including the most important of all, gamma-glutamyl-transferase, GGT, elimination of the oxidative stress and gradual reduction of the viral load with complete cure of the patients with hepatitis-C in 6-9 months.

Furthermore, Probiotica Corporation possesses know-how for the cost effective production of its proprietary formulation of Probiotic vaccines for supply in countries where such vaccine is approved by the regulatory agencies.